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If you need Volvo service, book your car's quick oil change or affordable brake repair appointment at our Volvo service center. Our state-of-the-art Volvo service department specializes in all Volvo Cars makes and models. So whether you drive a new Volvo XC40 SUV or a new Volvo XC90 Recharge Hybrid, our team is ready to tackle your next oil change service. Schedule your auto repair online or by calling us directly.

Why Visit Gunther Volvo Daytona Beach for Volvo Car Service?

When you bring your new Volvo sedan or other body style to our dealership for Volvo service in Daytona Beach, Florida, you are trusting her with a team of mechanics who specialize in your particular vehicle and have the training to maintain your automobile to the Volvo Cars standard of performance and reliability. We only install genuine Volvo parts and factory-approved components from our Volvo parts center. While some aftermarket parts might be less expensive and save you money upfront, they generally wind up being more expensive in the long run because they break down quickly and often damage the parts they're connected to. Genuine Volvo parts ensure a correct fit and won't damage the supporting components.

Trust your car with our team. We use high-end diagnostic tools to ensure nothing gets missed and your vehicle delivers the safe and reliable performance you expect from a Volvo vehicle. To help you save on your next Volvo service, we offer a rotating menu of Volvo service coupons. When you're looking for a discount oil change or auto repair coupons, be sure to check our website to see where you could be saving on your next Volvo service.

Volvo Service and Repair

The Gunther Volvo Daytona Beach service department is your one-stop shop for all things Volvo auto repair. Whether your new Volvo lease special is due for factory-prescribed maintenance or a check engine light has appeared on the dashboard, you can bring your car to us for Volvo service. Before you book your appointment, be sure to check our website to see what Volvo service specials we're currently offering. If you're looking for Volvo service near Orlando, Florida, take a look at some of our common services:

  • Oil Changes: Maybe you're searching for a "Volvo service center near me." If so, it's most likely because your car is due for an oil change. The motor oil in your vehicle serves several important functions, including lubricating moving metal parts and dissipating heat from the engine. Regular oil changes are essential to ensure that the oil in your car's crankcase is working at optimal efficiency. When you're ready to schedule a quick oil change, give our dealership a call and be sure to ask about any Volvo service coupons we're currently offering.

  • Battery Test and Replacement: If the lights on your new Volvo S60 sedan dim at startup or your car is having difficulty turning over, you probably need a new battery. If so, bring your car to our dealership for a quick battery test and replacement. We can use a multimeter to test the power level in your battery, then either charge the battery to full capacity or replace the unit if it no longer holds a charge.

  • Tire Service: Tires are the only point of contact between your new Volvo V90 Cross Country and the road. This makes them an essential safety system. As such, their care should not be overlooked. If the tires on your vehicle are showing signs of uneven wear or they no longer pass "the penny test," bring your car to our Volvo service garage for a tire rotation, new tire installation, or a wheel and alignment check. We stock a wide selection of all-season and summer tires from top brands in a variety of sizes.

  • Brake Service: If you are experiencing squeaky brakes or your car pulls to one side of the road when slowing, bring your vehicle to our Volvo service center for brakes service. The brakes on your new luxury SUV are perhaps the most important safety feature on your vehicle. If they aren't performing as they should, don't delay booking your car's brake repair with our team. We can install new brake pads and replace any warped rotors to ensure your car stops on a dime.

  • And that's not all: While those are some of the most common requests for an auto repair we receive, we also specialize in check engine light diagnosis, wiper blade replacement, transmission repair, new brake light bulbs, headlamp bulbs, radiator repair, and more. If your used Volvo crossover is experiencing any issue at all, contact our team.

Professional Volvo Service at Gunther Volvo Daytona Beach

Now that you know more about the services we provide and the Volvo service coupons we offer, we invite you to book your car's next auto repair with our team. While you wait for the repairs to be completed, you are welcome to enjoy our comfortable service lounge. You'll find complimentary refreshments such as bottled water and coffee as well as free Wi-Fi. If you need any assistance with towing your vehicle to our dealership or booking a rental car for the duration of your auto repairs, let our team know. We're here to help you enjoy reliable Volvo service at competitive prices in Daytona Beach, Florida.


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