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What We Offer

As a Volvo dealer, we pride ourselves on maintaining luxury. Part of how we accomplish this is through a state-of-the-art service center and a seamless service process. If you choose us for your service needs, you will find that we can handle the following requests and more:

Why Should You Choose Dealer Services?

Car maintenance can be a quick, easy process--especially if you do business with the professionals at our Volvo car dealership. As a luxury car dealer, we stand out from other service centers for several reasons. We hold our staff to a higher standard; therefore our service results are superior, and our customers continue to return with confidence.

Aside from our standards, below are the primary reasons why you should choose our Volvo service department over the corner garage:

  • We have manufacturer-trained technicians: Each of our service techs holds certifications from Automotive Service Excellence as well as Volvo, making us capable of specific vehicle enhancements and repair techniques.

  • We're personal: When you schedule an appointment with our team, a Service Advisor is assigned to your case. We offer personalized services and updates, which keep you in the loop as you wait for repairs.

  • Convenience: As a Volvo repair center, we know exactly what your vehicle needs and when she needs it. Whether you need a loaner vehicle or a hot coffee while you wait for your repair, we've got your back.

  • Parts Quality and Price: For us, preserving the integrity of each unique Volvo design is at the forefront of every service job. Only the experts at Gunther Volvo Daytona can bring you superior car part quality and competitive prices needed to complete a repair. You'll always feel confident in the components we choose, as we only install genuine automotive parts.