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 Maybe it's a screech you hear while approaching a traffic light. Maybe it's a light you see illuminated on the dash. Maybe it's a smell that's pretty consistent in hot weather. There could be many symptoms indicating that it's time to see us for brake service, and in the following article, we'll tell you a little bit about the signs that suggest it's time to come and see us. And hey, while your vehicle is in for brake repair, it's always fun to check out the cutting-edge new Volvo cars we have in our sun-drenched showroom. Who needs TV and donuts!?

Cars Break Without New Car Brakes

Your vehicle's brakes are the front line of your car's safety systems. If you drive a hybrid or an EV, your brakes are more than that. They're an essential part of your vehicle's regenerative charging system. Nowadays, without quality brake pads service, your vehicle won't stop as it should, and it won't charge as it should. And who needs that? Here are some of the top signs that point to your vehicle needing brake service:

  • Your brake pedal is soft or mushy
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side under braking
  • You've noticed a difference in stopping distance
  • You can hear metal scraping when you use your brakes
  • You can see the build-up of metallic shavings or flakes on your wheels between washes
  • Your ABS or Brake Wear Light has illuminated

If you defer auto brake service for too long, the consequences can be severe. Instead of just needing to replace your pads, you might need rotors, calipers, hubs, wiring, master cylinders, boosters, and more. Not to mention the liabilities of property damage or bodily injury if you run into something. If you find yourself thinking of brake service as a chore, try to see it as money well spent. This aspect of service is critical. All of our used cars get a comprehensive inspection and service when necessary. Don't overlook it. It could save your life.

Brakes For Sale! We're Kinda Like a Lemonade Stand.

If you live in Daytona, FL, you definitely drive past our stunning location off N. Tomoka Farms Rd (also visible as you zoom past on I-95). You can expect our service team members to be energetic, knowledgeable, and transparent. Much like a roadside lemonade stand, your Volvo vehicle brakes are right on the shelf, just waiting to be installed on your vehicle. Did you purchase a service contract with your Volvo XC60 lease? Let us know, and we'll make sure that all of your benefits kick in at the time of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should brakes last on a Volvo?

The lifespan of components within your Volvo vehicle's braking system will vary. For example, brake pads should last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles on average, with such factors as driving habits and road conditions affecting longevity. Brake rotors can last for slightly longer. Components like the brake calipers are designed to last for around a decade when properly maintained.

When should I replace my Volvo brakes?

You should regularly inspect your Volvo brake pads after 30,000 miles. Certain signs indicate that your Volvo brake pads have worn past their service life and need to be replaced. These signs include metallic grinding, squealing, or other strange noises as you press on the brake pedal. Other signs include a softer-than-usual brake pedal feeling, vibration in the brake pedal, your vehicle pulling to one side as you slow down, and more.

How much does it cost to replace brakes on a Volvo XC60?

The cost of a brake pad replacement for a Volvo XC60 will vary. At Gunther Volvo Cars Daytona Beach, we offer competitive prices on genuine Volvo brake pads and can help you save even more with our Volvo parts coupons. Get in touch today to order your Volvo XC60 brake pads.

Gunther Volvo Daytona Won't Break the Bank

Gunther Volvo has been in business for over 50 years in Florida. We're one of the country's largest Volvo Cars retailers, but we didn't get there without learning some key things. Gunther Volvo Cars is always looking to create the most value for its customers in everything we do. From our service specials and oil change coupons to our lease deals on vehicles like the award-winning Volvo XC40, we help keep money in your pocket so you can continue to enjoy everything else that your sun-soaked Florida lifestyle has to offer. Get the job done right and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

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