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Could a used Volvo XC60 for sale at Gunther Volvo Cars be the best vehicle for your Sunshine State lifestyle? We certainly think so! With gorgeous exterior colors, advanced technology, and a cavernous interior, the Volvo XC60 has room for all your gear, friends, family, with comfort to spare. And let's face it, we all know it's not always sunny here in Florida. It's precisely when the weather is at its worst when the Volvo XC60 is right in its element. Style, safety, versatility, and practicality are hallmarks of Scandinavian luxury and you are about to experience it at its best within our premium used vehicle department.

Safety for the Whole Family in the Volvo XC60 SUV

The critical acclaim for the Volvo XC60 SUV's reputation for safety is robust. The Volvo XC60 has won numerous awards. This is all for good reason. Underneath the athletic posture of the Volvo XC60 lies the true secret to protecting your precious cargo. A variable density steel body is underneath your first-class interior. This feature is meant to absorb and disperse collision energy, keeping you safe within a cage of 5 strength-levels of steel. We are proud of this fact and that's precisely why the Volvo emblem is the ancient metallurgic symbol for iron, which represents unmatched strength. With plenty of airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, traction control, ABS, and available all-wheel-drive, you can relax a little more knowing that all of your occupants are well protected. A used Volvo XC60 for sale from our dealership includes another wonderful feature: savings.

The Love of the Drive in the XC60 T5 & XC60 T6

The pre-owned Volvo XC60 does offer quite a bit when passenger safety comes to mind, but let's take a second to focus on you! Built with a highly efficient turbocharged motor, the Volvo XC60 SUV has plenty of power to make any excursion a breeze. Many of our used Volvo XC60 SUVs are recent trades and lease returns which means that a lot of the latest features will also be available to you such as:

  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Collision Assistance

You'll find popular models like the Volvo XC60 T5 Momentum, which gives you 250 horsepower and optional AWD. If you are looking for all-wheel capability as a standard feature, the 316-horsepower Volvo XC60 T6 Inscription is the way to go. Be on the lookout for Certified by Volvo examples as well as plug-in hybrids and the bespoke Volvo XC60 Engineered by Polestar. The point is, if you're looking for a used Volvo XC60 for sale in FL, we have you covered.

Service and Convenience

At Gunther Volvo Cars, we love to say that the "best" used vehicles come from the best new vehicles. With generations of repeat customers, many of the used Volvo XC60 SUVs for sale (among others) were actually purchased here originally. This creates an intimate knowledge of ownership and we are proud to offer a full CARFAX® history and detailed presentation of our inspection report and services performed to make it ready for you. Any Volvo XC60 that you would choose from 2015.5 and up will give you cutting edge specs and functionality with the Sensus infotainment system, allowing you full voice command calling, vehicle controls, navigation, and more. Connect your smartphone and take advantage of the full suite of Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ options.

FAQs About a Used Volvo XC60 for Sale

What is high mileage for a Volvo XC60?

A Volvo XC60 can reach 250,000 miles under the right circumstances and with proper maintenance. Therefore, even if you buy a used Volvo XC60 for sale with 100,000 miles on the odometer already, you can still get many useful years of service out of it. Vehicles with values edging into the 150,000-180,000 range are considered to have high mileage but are usually less expensive as a result.

Is Volvo XC60 expensive to maintain?

A Volvo XC60 may cost less to maintain than other luxury vehicles of its category. While this might mean paying a bit more for maintenance and repairs than if you opted for a non-luxury vehicle, most buyers see this as worthwhile in exchange for the powerful performance, upper-end amenities, and reliability they get with this brand. Our service department also regularly runs specials on essential maintenance.

Does Volvo XC60 hold its value?

While all new vehicles will lose value with time and use, the Volvo XC60 is a reliable, luxurious SUV with timeless elegance. As a result, they can still be worth a lot five, ten, or more years down the line. If you ever decide to part with your Volvo XC60, bring it to our dealership, where our appraisal experts will offer you a competitive price that you can then apply to the purchase of your new Volvo car.

Gunther's Pre-owned Volvo XC60 for Sale

With so much available to you at Gunther Volvo Cars near Deltona, FL, we're confident that you will find the Volvo XC60 that's perfect for you and your family on the go. We have been in business for 50 years here in Florida and know what it takes to earn your business and your trust. You won't find better used Volvo XC60 deals anywhere else, and if you do, we want to see it! We have an expert finance department and a fully online shopping experience to make your purchase as easy as possible. Our sales staff are all knowledgeable about the product line and are ready to assist you in any way, even if that means bringing your Volvo XC60 right to your doorstep for delivery. We can't wait to help you find your next used Volvo XC60. Your Gunther Volvo Cars experience begins here!

Used Volvo XC60 | Gunther Volvo Cars Daytona Beach - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

"We purchased our XC60 via the Internet. Our sales person, Eddie Shackleford, was great. He worked with us and his Sales Manager to find us the car we wanted, got us a great deal, and then followed up after the sale with a few We Owe's and some missing accessories items, e.g. cargo cover. Eddie's easy-going style, personability, and integrity made us feel at ease. If were again in the market for a Volvo, we hope Eddie is still around at Gunther Volvo." 5 stars, 16/05/2022, review by Ron Adkins

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