Volvo Technology And Innovations

Volvo Cars has provided the best in safety, security, and dependability for nearly a century, and there's no telling what the next 94 years will bring. Whether you're in need of a heavyweight hauler that can seat everybody and their friends or you're just trying to shuffle everyone off to school in the morning on time, both you and your most precious passengers will love riding and gliding inside a vehicle built by a never-quenched thirst for safety innovation. Volvo Cars project engineers relentlessly test, adjust, and redesign your car for tons of hours before you even take it off the lot for that first test drive. By the time you do, we'll be working on the next vehicle that's raising the standard for safety and taking yet another leap forward towards whatever's around the corner.

Grind or Get Left Behind

Volvo Cars is planning to be a big part of decreasing our world's carbon footprint and pushing forward a future free of fossil fuels and full of smart, information-driven cars that surpass all automotive transportation as we know it today. Forget beginning every long journey spending some cash at the gas station. The Volvo vehicles of years ahead will carry your clan forward via a fully-powered battery each and every time you exit the driveway. We see the automotive industry and our world's climate challenges catering to a future full of fuel-efficient automobiles that ensure a safe driving experience behind the wheel and in every seat of the cabin. It's our mission to bring the high standard of safety Volvo Cars already stakes its reputation on into the electric-powered movers and shakers filling the roads of future generations.

If you want a small peek into the future of self-driving cars, take one of our newest Volvo vehicles for a spin. Our comprehensive suite of standard automated driver-assistance features can help you change lanes on a high-flying highway, park in a tight spot on a hillside, and more. The car alerts you to changes in traffic around you and is flawlessly integrated with your navigation system. We're prepared to go forth into unforeseen territory when it comes to creating cars that can do it all while protecting the most precious cargo. It's what our engineers, testing facilities, and showroom floors have all been striving for every day for the last 94 years. The tip of the spear is nothing to fear.

Put Your Phone Away & Drive

In today's day and age, nobody strays far from the front door without their phone. And why would they? Your phone has your daily to-do lists, reminders of important dates, and every song you've specifically selected to get going in the morning. Volvo Cars keeps you connected to your phone while driving through some mobile-connected services that allow you to tap into your phone without fumbling in your pocket or taking your eyes off the road. It's easy. Just activate services like Volvo on Call, Google Maps, and Google Assistant on your phone the first time you get into your car. Those directions somebody just sent you will pop up on the infotainment screen automatically. Selecting everyone's favorite songs is a couple of swipes or a shout away. Not to mention, the Volvo on Call app allows you to have full access to your car before, during, and after your drive. If you have your phone, you'll never lose track of your car again or even need a physical key in some cases.

The Highest Standard of Safety

Volvo Cars are consistently rated as some of the safest options available, no matter the size of vehicle you're interested in. From the smallest sedan to the heftiest SUV, Volvo Cars makes you feel like you've packed up the living room and brought it with you all the way until the trip is over. Volvo Cars centers the design process, testing procedures, manufacturing methods, and more around identifying, navigating, and adjusting to adverse traffic or road conditions and the trouble that comes with them. As we expand our portfolio into hybrid and fully-electric cars (eventually with automated driving technology embedded within), we're working at every level to ensure our constant commitment to safety remains our signature.