Volvo S60 Lease Deals in Daytona Beach near Orlando, FL

  2022 Volvo S60 B5 Momentum.

2022 Volvo S60

B5 Momentum

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Choose a Volvo S60 lease today and embrace the newness of a luxurious sedan that has well-planned interiors, top-of-the-line safety features, and intuitive technology in tow. You deserve a new Volvo vehicle that offers more than sporty good looks, which is why we're recommending the latest version of the S60 topped off with our competitive lease specials.

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Zero Emissions? Say Less.

Luxury vehicles are designed to scratch a particular itch, and the new Volvo S60 is no exception. As far as sporty sedans are concerned, the new S60 is a wolf among sheep. This raw sustainable power is the draw this model has. Thanks to the highly efficient T8 twin-engine plug-in hybrid offering 400 horsepower, you can go fast without feeling guilty about it.

Refinement is Calling Your Name

With our current Volvo S60 lease special comes a carefully planned cabin featuring tech in all the right places. As you scan the interior, your eyes will quickly fall to the 9-inch Sensus touchscreen, which lies arm's length from the driver. The display makes it easy to make adjustments to entertainment options and the premium audio system.

When it comes to our new Volvo S60 lease deals, there's a reason to rejoice. Our Volvo Car finance center ensures that there are tons of competitive lease offers available, making it easy to step into the perfect Volvo S60 trim. Please stop by our convenient location today and explore the following grades for yourself:

Sport R-Design

As a newly designed sedan, the R-Design spares no detail. The exterior highlights deeply carved lines with a stiffened chassis, giving the sporty model a distinct leg up amongst its class competitors.

  • Sport chassis
  • 18-inch 5-spoke matte black diamond-cut alloy wheels
  • High gloss black R-Design grille with horizontal mesh
  • R-Design Open Grid textile/Fine Nappa leather upholstery

Luxury Inscription

The Inscription grade is the perfect embodiment of Swedish luxury, showcasing skillfully curated materials, premium craftsmanship, and overall sophisticated design.

  • 18-inch 10 multi-spoke black diamond-cut alloy wheels
  • High-gloss black Inscription grille with chrome frame
  • Leather upholstery
  • Driftwood inlays

Reasons to Lease a Volvo S60 in Florida

If you're ready for a refined ride, it's time to browse our latest Volvo S60 lease special. We have a few reasons why you should strongly consider a lease:

  • With a lease, you're mainly responsible for minor routine maintenance requests, such as oil changes or alignments.
  • Leases are smart options for those who enjoy upgrading to newer year models.
  • Leased models require less upkeep.
  • There's no need to personalize the vehicle, which saves time and money!
  • Generally, the monthly payments are very affordable.

If you're interested in discussing the terms attached to any of our lease deals, get in touch with our finance team in Central Florida. Our team provides Volusia County drivers with a wealth of knowledge surrounding Volvo Cars and lease terms.

Where is the Volvo S60 built?

You're going to love the answer to this question. In 2018, Volvo Cars finally opened a long-awaited U.S. plant in Ridgeville, South Carolina. This is their first and only U.S. plant, and since then, it has been solely producing the Volvo S60. It does, however, have plans in 2022 to add the Volvo XC90 to its production line. This South Carolina plant is the main source of Volvo S60 cars all around the globe because Chinese production was officially phased out in the early months of 2019. So, when you get a Volvo S60 for lease, you're getting a piece of automotive history with the first Volvo vehicle model to be produced in the U.S.

Is the Volvo S60 AWD?

This dynamic sedan is definitely available in AWD! While you won't be able to get the T5 engine with AWD, the T6 and T8 both offer AWD (or eAWD) standard. We all know that the weather can be sometimes unpredictable, especially during hurricane season, so AWD is a great choice for you when you're leasing your new Volvo S60. It'll help keep your traction on the road and let you maintain the same amount of control as if weather conditions were perfect every day!

Do the rear seats in Volvo S60 fold down?

You bet they do! The rear seats are split into two sections that can be individually folded forward to massively increase your car's cargo capacity. To do so, your vehicle must be stationary, and one of the back doors must be open before you can fold the seats down. After this, you just press and hold one of the buttons behind the right rear headrest (right if you're looking at the car head-on) and manually fold down the section of the seat you want. If you want to fold the other section, hold down the other button right beside it and repeat!

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